Jun 11

Allow passive FTP on ProFTPD

By agatewood Linux Comments Off on Allow passive FTP on ProFTPD

Most FTP clients attempt to use passive FTP by default. Passive FTP is not enabled on ProFTPD. Fortunately, enabling it is very simple. Edit /etc/proftpd.conf and add ‘PassivePorts <low port> <high port>’ to the first section (global), then restart ProFTPD. You should use a really high port range to avoid conflicts. For example, you might want to add:

‘PassivePorts 63121 63129’

The number of ports needed is determined by the number of simultaneous FTP clients you expect to have.

If you are running a firewall, you may need to allow these ports in to your server. This will depend on the firewall – some will view this traffic as related, some will not.

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