Aug 19

Excerpted from

/var/www/html/admin/header.php: starting around line 137

// default password check
$nt = notifications::create($db);
//if ($amp_conf[‘AMPMGRPASS’] == $amp_conf_defaults[‘AMPMGRPASS’][1]) {
// $nt->add_warning(’core’, ‘AMPMGRPASS’, _(”Default Asterisk Manager Password Used”), _(”You are using the default Asterisk Manager$
//} else {
$nt->delete(’core’, ‘AMPMGRPASS’);

/var/www/html/admin/common/db_connect.php: starting around line 77
// Now send or delete warning wrt to default passwords:
$nt = notifications::create($db);

//if ($amp_conf[‘AMPDBPASS’] == $amp_conf_defaults[‘AMPDBPASS’][1]) {
// $nt->add_warning(’core’, ‘AMPDBPASS’, _(”Default SQL Password Used”), _(”You are using the default SQL password that is widely kn$
//} else {
$nt->delete(’core’, ‘AMPDBPASS’);

Refresh your browser on the FreePBX System Status page after making all the changes to each file to make sure you commented out the correct lines!!

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