Mar 29

The Future of Voice Services

By agatewood VoIP Comments Off on The Future of Voice Services

The PSTN as we know it has a limited future. As VoIP technology continues to develop, we will see the need for the PSTN fall away. By utilizing VoIP, and in particular SIP, along with other network services, namely DNS, we will be able to establish voice and video communications around the world as easily as we connect to web sites. DNS SRV and TXT records make it easy to locate services on foreign networks and to communicate with these services. Establishing voice and video calls will be accomplished by using a URI, not a phone number. Imagine what the possibilities will be when are finally able to break free of the telco and manage our own communications! will answer that need and allow clients to manage their communications in whatever way they see fit, without the restrictions and problems of traditional telco. is coming soon…

UPDATE: Take a look at this article regarding AT&T’s current thinking about the PSTN –

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